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British Social Attitudes
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'The Rolls Royce of opinion surveys' - The Times '... an important barometer of opinion...' - The Telegraph '...invaluable surveys of the national mood...' - Guardian '...examines who we think we are, what we think, and how self-perceptions have changed over the past 25 years' - Financial Times '...shows what the British people really think, as opposed to what journalists and politicians like to pretend they think' - John Pilger The annual British Social Attitudes survey is carried out by Britain's largest independent social research organisation, the National Centre for Social Research. It provides an indispensable guide to political and social issues in contemporary Britain. This 25th Report summarises and interprets data from the most recent nationwide survey, as well as drawing invaluable comparisons with the findings of previous years to provide a richer picture and deeper understanding of changing British social values. The British Social Attitudes survey report is essential reading for anyone seeking a guide to the topical issues and debates of today or engaged in contemporary social and political research. Read two free sample chapters! This year's contents are below, and you can read free online samples of chapter one, and chapter seven, now. Contents: Is there an English backlash? Reactions to devolution - John Curtice The NHS: satisfied now? - John Appleby and Miranda Phillips Do people want choice and diversity of provision in public services? - John Curtice and Oliver Heath Has welfare made us lazy? Employment commitment in different welfare states - Ingrid Esser Exploring parents' views - Geoff Dench Pay more, fly less? Changing attitudes to air travel - Sarah Butt and Andrew Shaw Therapy culture? Attitudes towards emotional support in Britain - Simon Anderson, Julie Brownlie and Lisa Given Britain at play: should we 'do' more and view less? - Rossy Bailey and Alison Park Is Britain a respectful society? - Elizabeth Clery and Janet Stockdale For more information on the National Centre for Social Research visit

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